We are always looking for individuals to lead a group of 15-20 individuals for a week of serving in various areas in the world. A team leader is a tremendous opportunity to develop leadership, people, servant, faith building, public speaking, survival, financial management, and other skills. Each team leader will undergo a training to be a national or international certified missions’ leader. The following is a summary of the responsibilities of the Team leader:

  1. Coordinate with the team from start to finish.
  2. Complete the leadership training and preparation for missions.
  3. Work with the Team and site coordinators, to develop the team’s check-list.
  4. Participate in the bi-weekly meetings to prepare for the team’s deployment.
  5. Prepare and maintain the team’s schedule for the week.
  6. Serve as the liaison between the Host Site and the operational team.
  7. Coordinate with each team member to ensure that all details are communicated.
  8. Ensure that the team is “Deployment Ready” by getting all legal clarance.
  9. Prepare daily devotions for 5 days, and debriefs for 6 days.
  10. Submit a report of the overall team experience, and copies of the daily activities.