We are excited to serve your local ministry, community, and mission efforts. To have one of our teams work with your local organization, please take a moment to fill out this contact form. Our host coordinator will be in touch with you shortly.

What does it mean to Host A Team?
By hosting a team, you are a local ministry, group, organization, or individuals with a local presence serving your community. Our teams do not replace the local operation, we simply assist in the efforts by committing time, talents, and treasures to the operations. Each Host site should be able to do the following:
1. Already have an agenda and a measurable goal in which we can assist.
2. Be able to accommodate 15-20 individuals by coordinating, travel, housing, and meals.
3. Have clear objectives that fits our calenda of activities Monday – Thursday.
4. Take steps necessary to ensure the safety of the team.
5. Ensure all local and national governmental regulations are met.
6. For more details on how to host a team, please email [email protected]